Cirque du Soleil

Had heard about infamous Cirque for years both here in Canada and back home in Iran I was more than eager to see one of their performances but my options were not so much. Either waiting here for them to come up with a new tour or take the hassle of a trip to Vegas which naturally I chose waiting for a new tour and that wait came to an end yesterday.

I originally planned it with a visiting friend but he being busy all the time with tons of post ponded stuff and I with my assignment at the time it didn’t happen. We even scheduled for it and started spamming each other with emails about when and how to go and what they can do to their kid but it died away on the way and we didn’t revisit the idea till they left for Iran last week so I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer and bought the tickets for the past Saturday.

Finding a good sit was another story, checking their web site, the seating chart was giving a false impression of a huge venue which made any seat other than directly in front of the stage worthless but not being an early bird made it extremely difficult to find a seat in front row so I settled with the next best and chose one in a slightly cornered section still with a good view of the stage and I’m glad I made that decision!

Show started on time with a couple of performers doing some kind of audience warm up here and there like the delivery guy looking for Mr. Ferguson and the balloon guy cheering up kids and then the main show started.

To make it short, it was a good presentation of a mediocre program. Not to undermine their efforts but I’d expected something more, something that lives up to the name of the Cirque and they had their share of hiccups here and there like they canceled part of the show due to “technical difficulties”. This said, however, their Circle of Death was one spectacular act which made the audience excited and terrified at the same time.

Bottom line is, Kooz, if only because of that Circle of Death was worth the 200 bucks we paid for that but I’d seen better shows in less glamorous presentations but it’s still Cirque du Soleil.

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