Joost, IP tv?

I stumbled upon joost tonight while surfing the Net. The TV over IP or IP TV has been in spot light for a long time. Here in Toronto Bell started the buzz almost two years ago but so far, it’s been only smoke and light and no word on when it might be out and now it seems the wait is over.

The way it works is through a software with a fairly good UI. The quality of the shows are fairly good although it flickers some times and in a couple of cases, sound and image were not synched. I couldn’t find the shows I wanted but it’s an unrealistic expectation from something free to compete with good old TV. However, the day has already come for cable companies to feel a real competition.

Bottom line, joost is only the tip of the iceberg in this market and with cowboys like Google, it won’t be far when we see some real TV on the Net.

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