I must admit that back in the days, was a relief to an emerging community of bloggers. With a minimalistic interface and fairly good documentation, it was the only thing needed for managing links. However, things has changed recently and this dear and near service is no longer favored amongst weblogger due to frequent down times and slow service that it offers.
I’ve been looking for a replacement for a while and took a couple of different approaches. Though due to the fact that Kathy’s weblog was using MovableType and it’s a perl based system I couldn’t go very far. This was the story till recently I ported Kathy’s weblog to WordPress with internal link management feature built into it. However, this was not a complete alternative to as it didn’t update the links automatically (later on I learned WordPress has built-in support for an in-house update tracking system called Pingomatic). The piece that completed the puzzle was a plug-in called WordPress Blogroll Update Plus which adds the updating to blogroll feature of WordPress. It has a fairly simple installation (as it’s the case with the rest of WP plugins) and just a handful of configuration options.
I’ve installed it on Kathy’s weblog and am waiting to see how it works. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Hon, it is working really nice. I like it and consider it much more user-friendly comparing to blogrolling. It certainly is blogging for dummies!

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