Good bye Chicago

    I’ve been working in Chicago for the past two months.  Although I  didn’t see much of the city but I can say I like it. It’s a city which has its own character. Much different than boring Toronto which doesn’t give you any sense of personality. Tall building mixed with Roman structures and post-modern high rises makes it a unique combination which is difficult to find anywhere else.
The interesting thing about it, or may be the area that I stay, is the number of colleges and universities. I never tried to count them but I’m sure not less than 15-20 different schools are located in a small area. The huge public library also adds to this intellectual character.
Another difference  between Chicago and Toronto was the way people interact with each other, I guess this is partly because city has a lot of black people. I haven’t seen this sense of unity in Toronto which I attribute it to the Irish/English background of the people there.
Anyways, this is the last night I stay here, although it’s possible that I get assigned to this project again but for now, good buy windy city.

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