Qibla Compass

After a month of fidgeting with Android I finished my first Android application. It’s a Qibla Compass (Qibla is the direction from each point on Earth to Ka’ba which is important for Muslims when they want to pray). The application has a simple interface (partly to keep it simple and light and partly to keep the main focus on functionality and not aesthetics). For more information about the application you can check it’s page.

Next stop is to improve the application, add prayer times and work more on the cosmetics if I see the need. Till then, I’m digging a little deeper into Android to work and it’s inner parts to get some idea what my next application will be.


One thought on “Qibla Compass

  1. slm,
    i cant download ur qibla compass from any site.
    Could u send me the app through mail?
    jazakallah khair


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