Eclipse 3.5 on Ubuntu 9.1

I decided to move to Ubuntu for my Android development and for this, I installed Eclipse 3.5.1 but noticed Eclipse is behaving strangely. The buttons didn’t work properly and install new software was completely useless.

After spending hours searching Net I found that this is an issue with the new GTKWindows which. To solve this, you need to use "export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true" in a terminal and then start Eclipse in the same terminal.

This off course is an interim solution till Eclipse team figure out what has been broken.



Qibla Compass

After a month of fidgeting with Android I finished my first Android application. It’s a Qibla Compass (Qibla is the direction from each point on Earth to Ka’ba which is important for Muslims when they want to pray). The application has a simple interface (partly to keep it simple and light and partly to keep the main focus on functionality and not aesthetics). For more information about the application you can check it’s page.

Next stop is to improve the application, add prayer times and work more on the cosmetics if I see the need. Till then, I’m digging a little deeper into Android to work and it’s inner parts to get some idea what my next application will be.


Windows live writer

Just came across newest Microsoft attempt to dominate Internet space: Windows Live Writer. It’s part of the new Windows Live Messenger installation along with some other tools (photo gallery, email client …). It has a nifty setup process which runs through your existing weblog (in my situation) and correctly figures out the publishing software as well as other settings it needs in order to set up the client correctly. It also some how captures the feeling of your template (background image, fonts, colours) and uses them as the background in client screen.

It’s still in it’s 1.0 version (although it’s passed a rigorous beta testing).

Take a look and let me know about

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your experience.


I must admit that back in the days, was a relief to an emerging community of bloggers. With a minimalistic interface and fairly good documentation, it was the only thing needed for managing links. However, things has changed recently and this dear and near service is no longer favored amongst weblogger due to frequent down times and slow service that it offers.
I’ve been looking for a replacement for a while and took a couple of different approaches. Though due to the fact that Kathy’s weblog was using MovableType and it’s a perl based system I couldn’t go very far. This was the story till recently I ported Kathy’s weblog to WordPress with internal link management feature built into it. However, this was not a complete alternative to as it didn’t update the links automatically (later on I learned WordPress has built-in support for an in-house update tracking system called Pingomatic). The piece that completed the puzzle was a plug-in called WordPress Blogroll Update Plus which adds the updating to blogroll feature of WordPress. It has a fairly simple installation (as it’s the case with the rest of WP plugins) and just a handful of configuration options.
I’ve installed it on Kathy’s weblog and am waiting to see how it works. I’ll keep you posted.

Heck of a day!

I was talking to my little sister on Yahoo when suddenly thought it would be nice to set up a website for her on my hosting. She’s been blogging for a while on and from what I see, she’s into it and will continue (not like me that post one blog every few months). So started by getting the domain and then setting up the dns servers, accommodating the new site on my hosting space, setting up wordpress on her new web site, importing the entries from her old weblog ….

Then one of our friends called and asked for a lift. She was locked out and her husband wouldn’t return till midnight. Not shaved for two days – one of the good/bad things about working from home – I had to shower and shave in 5 minutes and be there ASAP as the temperature was dropping sharply.

Later in the night, before going to bed, I suddenly thought, well, if my sister can go to wordpress why not Kathy. I tried to toss away the thought for a while but didn’t work so I started by installing wordpress on one of the spare domains and then trying to set up everything – which I should say is nothing compared to the torturous process of setting up MovableType (hey, Mena, are you listening?). And then found the Persian translation – which is one of the better Persian translations I’ve seen so far – then the luxurious process of choosing a template and uploading it – thanks to Ali – time came for my all time favorite, dealing with exporting entries from MovableType. It wasn’t working simply. I couldn’t export the entries thanks to 36000 spam comments and close to 15000 pings. I tried it a couple of time with no luck and then I gave up as it was 4:15 in the morning and I had to prepare for a kick-off meeting for the morning.

To make a long story short, it took 4 precious hours to export those 1200 posts with 9000 comments into wordpress but the result was well worth it.

This afternoon, when showed the new wordpress admin pages – don’t forget the Persian translation – to Kathy and got the positive node from her (she’s one of the harshest critics of overly complex software) I knew that this one is coming to stay for a long time thanks to those overzealous fellas doing WordPress.

So ladies and gentlemen please put your hand together for our beloved WordPress.

Joost, IP tv?

I stumbled upon joost tonight while surfing the Net. The TV over IP or IP TV has been in spot light for a long time. Here in Toronto Bell started the buzz almost two years ago but so far, it’s been only smoke and light and no word on when it might be out and now it seems the wait is over.

The way it works is through a software with a fairly good UI. The quality of the shows are fairly good although it flickers some times and in a couple of cases, sound and image were not synched. I couldn’t find the shows I wanted but it’s an unrealistic expectation from something free to compete with good old TV. However, the day has already come for cable companies to feel a real competition.

Bottom line, joost is only the tip of the iceberg in this market and with cowboys like Google, it won’t be far when we see some real TV on the Net.