Ubuntu 8.0.4 (Hardy Heron)

After months of inactivity, I updated my Linux installation from Ubuntu 7 to 8 and boy, what a difference.

My experience with 7 was kind of disappointing at the time. I couldn’t make my bluetooth mouse and keyboard to work, the dual monitor didn’t work and these were enough for me to say goodbye to it. This time, after updating and making a couple of tweaks here and there, and thanks to the expanded Ubuntu forums, everything’s ticking and I’m enjoying my Linux machine for the first time.

The next step though will be setting up ClaimCenter and then benchmarking it with Windows. Hopefully that will work and I will switch completely to Linux.

Good bye Chicago

    I’ve been working in Chicago for the past two months.  Although I  didn’t see much of the city but I can say I like it. It’s a city which has its own character. Much different than boring Toronto which doesn’t give you any sense of personality. Tall building mixed with Roman structures and post-modern high rises makes it a unique combination which is difficult to find anywhere else.
The interesting thing about it, or may be the area that I stay, is the number of colleges and universities. I never tried to count them but I’m sure not less than 15-20 different schools are located in a small area. The huge public library also adds to this intellectual character.
Another difference  between Chicago and Toronto was the way people interact with each other, I guess this is partly because city has a lot of black people. I haven’t seen this sense of unity in Toronto which I attribute it to the Irish/English background of the people there.
Anyways, this is the last night I stay here, although it’s possible that I get assigned to this project again but for now, good buy windy city.

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