Qibla Compass

Qibla compass is a tool to find direction to Mecca. At any location, you can start the application and it will show you the direction to Mecca based on the method that you choose for finding this direction. Currently, there are two different methods for doing this: Direct Path and Shortest Path.

  • Direct Path: Traditionally, this has been the preferred way of finding qibla. Imagine Sun is right above Ka’ba. In this case, if you face Sun, you’re practically facing Ka’ba.
  • Shortest Path or Great-Circle Path: In this method, you’re facing towards the arch that marks the shortest line between you and Ka’ba. As you know, due to the spherical shape of Earth, the shortest path between two points is usually different than the direct path. For more information you can check Great-Circle distance.

In order to switch between these two methods, press menu and then select Direction Method.

Note: This application needs location services in order to calculate Qibla. If location service is not available, it’ll ask you to turn it on.

Tip: Due to the nature of electronic compass used in mobile phones, they sometimes need to be calibrated or reset. Two do these move the phone in around fast for a short time or draw an 8 in the air with the phone in your hand. Please be careful not to through or drop the phone.

9 thoughts on “Qibla Compass

  1. Not sure why you have the direct path as the default I’m not aware of any one now a days who uses that method.

  2. Obviously you are bright and intelligent, so it is hard for me to gasp why you think the direct path method is as valid as the great circle method. The direct path method only works in the special case where the distance is short and the arc of the earth can be ignored. In fact, over short distances, the direct path method and great circle are one and the same. That is because the great circle around the earth is also the most direct path from point to point – whether near or far.

    The difference crops up when people move far from the Laba and apply the direct route method by on a flat world map.

    May Allah bless you for your effort and bridge the gap between brothers who pray at different mosques because of this qibla issue.

  3. Yes. You also have the option of choosing direct method or shortest. It seems that in North America, shortest is the preferred method.

  4. I had to choose one as the default method and I chose direct. Should I have picked the shortest? may be. But at least I gave the option to choose what you want.

  5. How does it work. Do you offer directions for use.
    It moves a little but if I do not know the direction at all, I
    will not find it using your software. Please advice.
    Syed Mahmud

  6. A. O. A
    I dont understand its too complicated to use before i use the iphone its so easy n perfect but

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